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Important Changes

This project is under active development. Be sure to check frequently for new feature updates while the library remains in beta. Any significant updates will be noted on this page.

You can also follow me @leedumond on Twitter for any important change notifications.
  • New methods were added (ShouldMatchRoute, ShouldMatchNoRoute, ShouldBeIgnored, ShouldGenerateUrl) to allow native assertions in tests. Failed assertions throw AssertionException whose messages describe in more detail why the assertion failed.
  • A unit test project (NUnit) was added to the source code.
  • The MatchesRoute method no longer returns true for partial matches. (This is a potentially breaking change from previous versions.)
  • Added XML documentation
  • Generic constructor for RouteTester, which greatly simplifies the arrangement of tests.
  • Support for Area routes was added.

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